Non-slip Outdoor Hiking Stick for All Terrains.

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  • COMFORT IS KING - Our Moisture-wicking natural cork grips conform to the shape of your hands, making the poles feel like natural extensions of your body. Retain grip even when wet, and nonslip EVA Form Grip extensions below the handles that help reduce pressure on the wrist during abrupt hikes.
  • MINIMIZING IMPACT ON JOINTS - Our poles absorb vibrations and have a springy feel, making them ideal for all-terrain and weather conditions. Helps you move quicker and go farther while exerting less energy.
  • COMPACT AND VERSATILE - The adjustable shafts make the Trekking poles highly versatile. The poles can extend from 26” to 54.5” so that they become a reliable support for senior/ inexperienced hikers, aged, children, and anyone who carries extra weight.
  • ★EASILY TACKLE ALL TERRAINS - Hiking Trekking Poles come with attachments to help navigate through any condition, including snow baskets, rubber Tips, and mud baskets.